Currently there are multiple technological tools to study online that guarantee that the experience is of quality and that help the student to get the most out of it.

That said, in the next few lines of this material we will explain what 3 of the most popular and useful education solutions and platforms are about.

1. Microsoft Teams

Although in its beginnings this application was aimed at work communities, it has also established itself as one of the best technological tools to study online.

This is because it included the registration of schools within its functionalities, which provides multiple benefits to both students and representatives of academic institutions.

Among other things, it offers the possibility of creating collaborative classrooms, which allow interaction between different authorized members.

Also, through this application it is possible to organize webinars and personalize the interaction with each student.

This means that through Teams you will be able to study both short and intensive academic programs as well as long-term and in-depth academic programs, such as careers and degrees.

Also, you will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues easily and with academics and authorities.

2. Evernote

This is one of these complementary online study tools, allowing you to make the most of the experience provided by comprehensive and comprehensive solutions, such as Microsoft Teams.

Specifically, Evernote is an application that is used mainly to organize files, documents and academic information, with which you will interact daily by training from a distance.

In addition to allowing you to categorize data and order information, it offers the possibility of taking notes and notes and of establishing the priorities of certain projects, tasks and academic activities.

3. Youtube EDU

Although the ideal is that you opt for formal academic alternatives, such as university degrees, in the web and digital universe you will also find brief and informal training options, which serve very well as a complement.

One of the tools that will give you access to tutorials and other means of simple and basic learning is Youtube EDU, an initiative that Google and the Mayahii Foundation jointly promoted.

This free platform has thousands of educational videos of different areas and levels, from the most basic to the most complex and specialized.

These videos are segmented by hundreds of categories, such as "technology", "university education", "engineering", "humanities and arts" and "socio-economic sciences", among many others.

That's all! If you paid attention to all of the above, you already know 3 valuable technological tools to study online and the many benefits they provide.

As you can see, there are currently solutions for the online academic experience to be optimal and really effective, so take into account this modern and valuable training method, which is recognized by the competent authorities, such as the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) .

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