When to change schools? Yes, we know that it is a difficult question to answer that can generate doubts and even fear.

For this reason, in this article we will share a list of situations in which it is ideal to change institutions to continue your university education and, thus, build a successful future.

So, are you ready to know in which contexts it is convenient to take this step? If so, don't stop reading!

When the academic program is deficient

Without a doubt, this is one of the situations in which, immediately, you must propose to change schools.

A poor academic program is the worst thing you can experience as a college student, as it will waste your time and will not guarantee that you will be competitive once you begin professional work life.

But, how to identify that a curriculum is of poor quality? There are many signs, such as:

  • Shallow depth of materials
  • Study objectives of little relevance
  • Low technological focus
  • Few practical exercises.

On the other hand, you must make sure that the program you have selected is endorsed by the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE).

If you do not have this certificate from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the ideal is to look for another institution option. And it is that a curriculum without official recognition will not give you the necessary credibility to quickly access the professional labor market.

In addition, it will make it difficult for you to acquire the professional license and carry out many other procedures with your academic documents.

When the institution does not meet your expectations

Before enrolling in your current institution, surely you had ideas and expectations about it.

Now that you study in this one, is the university as you expected it? Did it meet expectations?

In case you have been disappointed, due to the low quality of the teaching staff, the deficiency of the programs or any other reason, you should take the step of changing schools.

It is important that the institution really makes you feel comfortable and is faithful to the things that it promised and offered you before enrollment.

When service is poor

A university, like any organization, offers a service. Therefore, analyze if the one you are receiving is really of quality.

At the university level, quality service is much more than effective academic programs and experienced faculty and teaching skills.

Also, it entails personalization, good treatment and different added values, which improve the experience of the students.

For example, quality universities have employability and entrepreneurship programs that represent additional supports for the student community.

They also make mentor groups available to students who accompany and advise them in their university lives.

Does your current university have such valuable features as these? If the answer is "no", think about looking for new and better horizons.

When the race doesn't match your profile

Many times, the problem is not the institution itself, but the degree that students choose.

Taking this into account, it is time for you to evaluate if you really chose the right academic alternative for you, taking into account your interests, goals, abilities, dreams and preferences.

In case it is not the option adapted to your profile, don't worry! Simply, analyze what careers you can study when you return to university or change institutions.

To take this step and make the right decision, it is first important that you know yourself very well. Do not rule out going to the help of professionals in vocational guidance.

Do not forget that the choice of a university career will impact the rest of your life, so it is a decision that should be taken carefully and after a lot of reasoning.

When the career focus is not on the future

This point is also very important. And it is that a career may have interesting subjects, which are taught by teachers with great experience and deep knowledge, but at the same time it is not oriented to the future.

In this way, you will acquire multiple knowledge, but few of these will really be useful to you to be competitive in the coming years and to successfully face the professional challenges that are to come.

So, a good career is one that takes into account digital skills and, in general, offers you training adapted to the future and to professional, labor and business trends.

Do not forget!

Regardless of whether you attend university in Mexico City or anywhere else in the country, you have to take these criteria into account if you are thinking of changing schools.

So how do you change schools successfully?

Now that you know what are the situations or factors that indicate that it is convenient to change schools, let's see how to take this step successfully!

In doing so, logically, the essential thing is that you focus on finding a quality university to continue your training.

As you already know, a good institution is one that has official and future-oriented academic programs. It also provides a quality service and has value additions such as employability and entrepreneurship programs.

On the other hand, do not forget to analyze yourself very well so that, in addition to choosing the correct university, you select a career that truly suits your profile and interests.

It is also important that you are very attentive to request all your certificates and documents from the school you will be leaving so that you do not have problems enrolling and integrating into a new institution.

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