Have you thought that Nursing is an ideal professional option for you? Then you cannot stop reading this article, as we will talk about the activities of a nurse within a clinic and a hospital.

In addition to knowing the entry profile, the subjects you will take, the important work carried out by the professionals of this career, it is also relevant to take a look at the activities that a nurse performs within one of the possible sectors in which she can work.

Panorama on Nursing

As we already know, this profession is very important for the health sector and can be performed by both women and men.

In Mexico, there are 2.9 nurses for every thousand inhabitants, when the average should be 8.8, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The training provided by the Nursing degree is very complete and specialized where you will obtain all the knowledge and skills that will allow you to help the well-being of people and grow professionally.

Of course, you should know that this profession requires a lot of empathy in order to understand the emotional state of patients, because not only is the supply of medicines important, taking care of the diet; also understand what a person is going through.

Now, the sectors in which a nurse can work are many, both in clinics, hospitals, companies, private practices, research, teaching, etc.

5 activities of a nurse in a hospital

If one of your career development options is a hospital, then it is important that you know some of the activities that you would do while working in these places.

This will allow you to decide if this area of ​​professional development is the right one for you, so below we will explain 5 activities that you will do:

  1. Monitor the patient's condition
  2. Monitor diet and physical activities
  3. Administer medication
  4. Measure blood pressure, temperature and weight of patients
  5. Take samples for laboratory analysis

In addition to these activities also, Nursing professionals, during their shift, must review the operation of equipment, supply and existence of drugs; as well as preparing the patients who will be operated on and helping the doctors during the examinations of the sick.

You must take into account that many of the activities carried out by a nurse within a hospital also vary depending on their degree of specialization and the daily tasks that will be assigned to you will depend on that.

Within hospital nursing there are various areas of specialization: operating room nursing, ambulance, intensive care and rehabilitation, pediatrics, psychiatry, among others.

The shifts that a nurse or nurse have to work in a hospital are different depending on the medical institution in which they work, they could be 8 hours in the morning or in the afternoon.

There are also some hospitals that operate a schedule of 12 hours a day for 4 days and then 3 days off in a row, for example.

Well, now that you know more about the work of a nursing professional in a hospital, it will give you more clarity about the area in which you want to specialize within the broad field that this profession offers you.

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