Since March 2020, the date on which the contingency caused by covid-19 began and a year later this pandemic continues.

Faced with such a panorama, it is interesting to analyze the benefits of studying a postgraduate degree in Family Therapy and the importance that these specialists currently have.

So do not stop reading this article to learn more about how this specialty could contribute to the problems that have arisen in this pandemic within these environments.

Benefits of studying a postgraduate degree in Family Therapy

This health event not only came to show us the health crisis that for several decades threatened due to the way of life that we have favored:

  • a society that was built largely by upholding consumer values;
  • private property, material agglomeration, disposable production and
  • He also came to show us the fragility of our affective relationships with each other.

In this sense, the confinement evidenced the level of commitment to our family group, our relationships built with friends and the community we inhabit.

Some advanced family or individual projects, others developed problems of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, more significant illnesses, headaches, gastritis, colitis, kidney problems, among others.


In addition to this, family crises were present:

  • discussions with others,
  • domestic violence,
  • divorces and separations.

That means, no matter how hard it is read, that contingency is not to blame for these problems. These are the result of what we have built inside as human beings living with others.

These difficulties demonstrate the urgent need not only to change health habits, but also to redefine how we link with our body, our family, our culture and the living beings that inhabit this space.

Complicated? Of course, but this health episode offers us precisely the possibility of finding this learning for the future, not only for us, but also for those who are not yet born.

The family nucleus, the key to improving coexistence

In this framework, professionals in Psychology are committed to studying human behavior, thinking and the emotional area.

It is necessary that we share tools that allow others to understand that what they live today is more than a behavior or an emotion.

This work of personal exploration requires transforming the values ​​that we raise to prioritize ones that preserve life and not the other way around.

It is also necessary to modify the way in which we relate to others; today we require that they be interactions that foster cooperation with and for life.

The question now would be, what is the space to be able to work with this? The answer is: family.

Within the framework of our family spaces we can resignify the familiar, the social and the personal because we know how important it is for the individuals of our group of origin that these bonds are cared for.

For this reason, it is essential that we continue to train as professionals in this area, that we be aware of current problems and thus find new work routes to provide effective solutions to those who come to us.

Therefore, studying a Postgraduate Degree related to Psychology and Family Therapy will allow you to expand your knowledge around family groups.

As well as understanding the value of these systems and their implications for the daily lives of individuals who need to solve issues such as:

  • addictions,
  • mental disorders in children,
  • couple conflicts, etc.,

That is, these types of specializations provide us with a route to work and improve our lives starting from our family circle.


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