Concise Oxford English Dictionary Android app Review


The Oxford Dictionary has long been known as one of the most authoritative and complete dictionaries on the market today.  The Concise Oxford English Dictionary Android app takes that into consideration and offers one of the most intuitive and detailed dictionary apps that you will find on the Android.  The app contains more than 240,000 words and shows how they can be used in sentences, shows their synonyms, correct pronunciations, their meanings, and so much more.  You will love how convenient it is to be able to pull out your little pocket dictionary and prove all of your friends wrong when they use a big word that they don’t understand.

You can even get an install pack that you can put on your SD card that will give you audio pronunciations of each word.  This is nice because many times we come across large words but have no idea how to say them.  Now you can feel smart and look it by giving proper pronunciations.  This is an all-inclusive dictionary app for the Android and will be a great help to any English major or student that just wishes to increase their vocabulary.


A great app that comes from one of the most well known and highly regarded Dictionary producing companies out there

The app has a complete list of over 240,000 word and all of their meanings

The app also will give you some synonyms of the words, their correct pronunciations, and also how to correctly use them in an everyday sentence

The app also includes 900 new words that were just added, to give you an even better list of words that are spoken in our society today

You can get features that actually speak the words to you so you know how to pronounce it

You can also install the dictionary on your SD card to help save space on the internal memory of your cell phone

You can use the hyperlinks that are included with each of the words to see articles that are related to the words you are looking at

You can also browse through the Search History to see 20 translations of the word over time

Also comes in a German version


A very good dictionary app but a little bit pricey.  You will want to make sure that you are going to use it enough to make it worth the fifteen bucks it costs to download.

Voted 3.4 out of 5 stars by Android education app users and currently costs $14.95 to download.

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