Google Maps Android Review

Google Maps is now available on Android!  If you weren’t aware of it’s release, now is the best time to take advantage of this awesome app.  Google Maps Android is a navigation app that eliminates the need to purchase, store, and get lost in paper maps.  Powered by Google, this navigation program is able to keep you updated on the best route to your destination.

Like previous versions of Google Maps, this Android app can address a variety of needs including:

Visual and/or voice guided directions

Locating specific venues in the area, or give you an idea of how many are near you

Help you gain your bearings in a new place

Impressive Features

As mentioned above, Google Maps Android offers a voice guide feature that can give drivers precise turn-by-turn directions via a reliable GPS navigating system.  This helps you keep your attention on the road and can be a strong tool in preventing accidents caused by distracted driving.  In addition, the clear directions that are either presented on your Android screen, or are dictated with precision make it easy to find your way to almost anywhere.

One big advantage that users have when using Google Maps Android is the live information regarding traffic conditions.  Current navigational directions prove to be a valuable tool in getting you to your destination faster as you can avoid nasty congestion or closures.

The maps that you gain access to when you install Google Maps Android are designed to be clear and precise.  With a unique 3D picture, users are usually able to get a clear picture of their surroundings and can use the maps to help you identify distinctive buildings and areas that can serve as reference points in your travels.

Everyday (or night) Use

Of course, Google Maps on your Android also includes the ability to search for whatever suits your fancy.  The maps can easily pinpoint the location of hotels, restaurants, theaters, and stores, just to name a few.  So, no matter what you’re in the mood for on a particular evening, you can find the best place in town.  And all it takes is a quick search in the program.

Once you’ve arrived at your desired location, you can further utilize the services of Google Maps Android by turning to the street view feature.  This allows users to take the app to the streets where you can rely on the same precise directions as you walk that you’ve used in your vehicle.


Google Maps Android is an app that is absolutely worth downloading.  Having it available at the touch of a button can help ensure that you can get reliable directions and information when you need it!  Also, this app is free, which only adds to the benefits of this 4 star navigation program.

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