Aldiko Book Reader Android app Review


If you love reading then look no further then the Aldiko Book Reader Android app.  You can use this application to find thousands of free titles and read them whenever and wherever you would like.  You can browse through hundreds of titles and download the ones that stick out to you.  You have a lot of options right at you fingertips as well and can customize the user interface as much as you want.  Pick the best font, background color, margins, and display mode to optimize your reading experience.

The touchscreen interface will allow you to search for titles and get reviews and descriptions of all kinds of books.  Within the app you will also be able to search the dictionary for words you don’t know and even share excerpts with your friends and family.


This is a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on a Kindle

You can download books right onto your cell phone and read them while in bed, at school, on a trip, or pretty much wherever you would like to

The book database has thousands of different books that you can choose from, and many of these book are actually available to download for free

You will save a lot of money using this app rather than going out and buying paperback and hardback versions of the book

The Aldiko app supports ePub and this is the main source for the thousands of titles of books that can be downloaded onto your phone

There are a variety of different features including bars to measure progress in the book, display themes to suit whatever time of the day or night that you read, swiping features to go to the next page, a lookup function so you can see what words mean in the dictionary, a word search, bookmarking features to save your place, sharing features to send excerpts to friends, and also just an overall menu to adjust screen brightness as well as many other things


For only two bucks you get many of the same features that has made the Kindle so popular.  You might as well fork out the two dollars, read the thousands of free titles that are available and then move onto something bigger and better when you need to.  No sense in wasting a bunch of money when you’ve got a great reading app ready and waiting for you to use it.

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