The digital design trends for this year bring curves, smoothness, 3D elements, and customization. Let your creativity fly and get into this wave.

Graphic design is the foundation for many creative areas, such as marketing, advertising, fashion, and entertainment. However, a large part of graphic designers are dedicated to improving the communication of some brands by contributing directly to marketing and advertising.

In all media, both digital and traditional, we see ads that really grab attention and are imposed by their clever strokes. All of this is thanks to the good work of graphic designers.

This year we see that some ideas that appeared timid were strengthened and prevail strongly in some works. It is for this reason that we selected 5 of the most important design trends.

5 design trends for this year

Look at these trends and do not stop making them present in your next jobs.

1. The fluidity of curves

Not only curves, but also rounded shapes are part of the digital design trends.

These shapes convey the fluidity and smoothness of what you want to convey. It is for this reason that circular constructions are present in the images that communicate delicate and friendly messages.

This trend is not exclusively in the design itself, but also in the typography. A typeface that accompanies this trend is Bold, with rounded and intense shapes that will also be present in several of today's works.

2. The asymmetric composition

The asymmetrical composition is another trend of graphic design. This type of composition conveys the idea of ​​freedom and innovation.

Abstract designs with this feature communicate the message more boldly and capture the attention of consumers.

3. The color gradient

The gradient in the images is another of the innovations that brings modernity to the design. Present in the images since last year, they continue with much more force this year and invade all kinds of jobs.

4. The grandeur of 3D

Every day 3D is more present in creations. This fantastic resource that allows greater realism and promises to appear in many of the projects that we will see soon.

With 3D it is possible to transmit a greater reality in each of the images constructed. Another resource that falls into this category is isometric designs , which allow you to transform a 2D image into 3D.

5. The power of personalization

Personalization is a design trend that is increasingly present in our daily lives. Through it, it is possible to communicate more directly with people and it is easier for brands to stand out in the market.

Stroke customization can easily represent a brand and that is why this trend will continue to prevail in design.

These were the five graphic design trends that you can use in your next works to give them a current and innovative air.

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