Summer: Is it hot in your house? Tricks to save electricity..

 Energy saving tips in summer:

The first thing you do when the heat from the scorching sun enters the house is to turn on the cooler, AC or fan . It gives rest to the body.

Not only that, you will also cool the room for sleeping at night.

All these factors increase the cost of electricity. With this, the electricity bill reaches the pocket at the end of the month. In that aspect it is good to know some other ideas that reduce power consumption.

Install thick curtains or cotton hanging clothes on the windows of your house to prevent direct sunlight from entering the house. It keeps house cool and reduces heat.

Cross ventilation is very important in the house. It keeps the house very cool. It keeps fresh air in the house. This is a very simple and natural method. If you have installed incandescent bulbs at home, replace them with CFL, LED bulbs. Because they help keep the room cool.

Keep indoor plants to avoid heat. It also keeps the house cool. It is a natural way to get relief from heat. It is also good for health. Install light colored curtains at home to avoid heat. It helps keep your home cool.

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