Free Everyday Mathematics Apps: Now Live!

A couple of days ago, I gave you a heads up that McGraw-Hill would be offering their Everyday Mathematics iPod, iPhone and iPad apps free between April 13-16. Well, today they are now live and available for download at the iTunes store.

A grand total of 10 free math apps are available, and they would all be a great addition to classroom iPods whether you use the Everyday Mathematics scheme or not. So here is a quick rundown of exactly what is available, coupled with download links for each game.

1. Divisibility Dash 

– This app provides students with practice in finding multiples of a target divisor. Numbers are chosen from a selection of numbered globes, points are awarded for each correct answer, and the game continues until you remove all 60 globes from the playing screen. Good fun.

2. Subtraction Top-it -

This game is about identifying the difference between two two-digit numbers and it comes in the form  of a card game. It can be used as a 1 or 2 player game.

3. Baseball Multiplication 1-6 

– There are various forms of baseball math online already. This one is no different really, but could be a good quick resource for testing multiplication facts from 1-6

4. K-12 eFlashcards 

– This app is actually free all the time, but something you may not know about. These flashcards have vocabulary on one side and definitions on the other. All the vocab comes from McGraw-Hill textbooks, but you may find the categories tie in with what you are also using in the classroom. They cover Math and Science terms up to 8th grade.

5. Equivalent Fractions

 – This is kind of a cross between solitaire and a match-it card game. Players need to choose cards with fractions on them that they think are equivalent. As the game goes on, more cards are revealed, or turned over, to uncover more fractions to match up. Extra points are awarded for combos!

6. Name that Number 

– A great thinking game for Math! Students are given a target number which they must match by putting 5 numbers and four operations in the right place in order to match the target number.

7. Monster Squeeze 

– This is definitely one for younger students, but another fun one nonetheless. Students have to guess a mystery number on a number line. If they guess too high, the monster covers up that number and higher on the number line. If they guess too low, it does the same with lower numbers until eventually they work out the mystery number. This can also be a 1 or 2 player game.

8. Tric-Trac – 

Yahtzee anyone? This dice rolling game is another 2-player game and one that will again appeal to lower elementary teachers. Students roll two dice, add them together, and remove that number from their list of numbers. First one to eliminate all their numbers is the winner.

9. Beat the Computer

 – Students race against the clock in this game in order to answer as many multiplication problems as they can before the time runs out.

10. Addition Top-it 

– This is just like Subtraction Top-it but, you guessed it, with addition problems.

These games are only free between now and the 16th, so it would be a great idea to share these links with parents, teachers, students and anyone else you think might benefit from these useful Math apps. They normally run at $1.99 each, so you are saving at least $18 here, (flashcards are normally free I think).

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