5 Perfect Flyer Templates for Beginners

 Even with the rise of the internet, marketers have not set aside the flyers. In fact, the web has even paved the way for better flyer designs that are easy to make even for beginners.  

If you are planning on starting a flyer campaign, using the right flyer templates is important for your success. Below are some examples that you may find useful.

1. Real Estate Flyer Templates

Working in real estate isn't easy. The competition is tough and setting yourself apart can be quite difficult.


To stand out from the rest, you can create an infographic using free flyer templates. You can use it to show the reasons why you're better than the others. You can also use this type of flyer to list down the advantages of working with you.


In designing a real estate flyer, you have to be extra careful with color combinations. Make sure to avoid using blue and green at the same time, and pick contrasting colors instead.


To start, you can use your brand colors. This may seem tricky to do, particularly if you don't have any experience in designing flyers. If that's the case, you can turn to Venngage and its My Brand Kit, which allows users to apply their brand color palette to their flyer designs in an instant.


A patterned background is a big help in attracting customers. In real estate, people tend to favor classic and elegant things. The same idea can be applied to flyers.

2. Product Flyer Templates

With so many products to choose from, picking the right one can be confusing for some people. To make things simple for them, you can create a product flyer that compares your product and those from your competitors.


In this kind of flyer, it's important to highlight your product’s best features. This way, your potential customers can easily spot the reasons why they need to choose your products.


To get the most out of your product flyers, consider optimizing them for social media.


To do that, you need to keep the design simple. Also, the dimensions need to conform with the requirements of the different social media sites.


The safest bet is 1080 x 1080. This size is expected to work for most platforms.


3. Business Flyer Templates

Let people know about your brand and what it has to offer through a business flyer template.


To design one, consider using icons to represent the services you're offering. Your icons need to be simple and recognizable to make sure readers will be able to understand them at a glance.


Apart from using icons, it's also a good idea to incorporate your brand colors. They have to be the same colors you use across all platforms.


Or, you can just use your brand colors as accent colors and you'll still create the same effects.


4. Event Flyer Templates

A well-designed event flyer easily stirs up excitement among your target audience.


One of the simple ways to design an event flyer is to use text boxes.


Imagine this — one text box for the title, another for a brief description of the event and another for other details.


You can also be creative with the borders. Using an unconventional design can get people's attention easily. It'll make your flyer look more fun, too.


You can play around with several types of borders. You can use dots, solid lines and dashes.


Try each one and see which will work best. If you want a more three-dimensional effect, you can use two types of borders.


Of course, colors are important, too.


Complementary colors work best in getting people to notice your flyers because they can easily grab attention.  You can use blue/orange or green/red as these pairs really go well together.


In picking the right colors, remember that the main reason you’re using them is to make your flyers noticeable. They need to be visually appealing for them to work.

If you're having a sale, you need to make it look exciting and fun. You need to hype it up to get people to participate.


5. Sales Flyer Templates

If you're having a sale, you need to make it look exciting and fun. You need to hype it up to get people to participate.


To do that, you need to create a sales flyer that reflects the mood of your event. You can use colors to appeal to your customers' emotions.


For example, if you are trying to sell winter clothes at a much lower price, try to include photos of pastel coats. They'll create a winter-like feeling that will get your customers to go out and buy your products.


Don't forget to put emphasis on the numbers. When people look at sales flyers, they tend to look for discounts first. They create a sense of urgency that you can use to your advantage.


With that, use big fonts and contrasting colors for the numbers. They need to be bright and hard to miss.


Making an effective flyer isn’t that hard. Just remember to pick the right colors, images, and font styles that best reflect what you are trying to promote with your flyers.

If you are having a hard time, you can always use a tool like Venngage. It’s easy to use even for beginners. You will also find lots of high-quality images and font styles there.

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