Currently there is a wide variety of postgraduate types: specialty, master's and doctorate, which will increase and update your original professional training.

During this period of prolonged confinement and the subsequent normality from the new circumstances that the virus, vaccination and economic reactivation allow us, they will facilitate that the educational decisions of many are transformed based on what the labor market will expect of their professionals .

In this sense, it is important that you consider that there are areas that today will require more solid professionals and here we will show you that they agree with these demands. We invite you to read.

A postgraduate degree (be it a specialty, master's or doctorate) can be your great springboard to overcome the possible pothole that this pandemic is generating in the world, particularly in the workplace, for this reason we recommend you increase your studies in areas such as Education, Marketing or Psychology . You know why?

Here we share the reason. We invite you to read.

Types of postgraduate in 3 areas:

1. Postgraduate in Education

Those who are dedicated to education have faced during this long confinement a radical and necessary transformation of their abilities to be functional in an educational world that to date continues to function online. This paradigm shift has implied two major changes: capable and skilled teachers to interact in front of a computer with their students and the necessary evolution of the educational infrastructure.

What does this transformation imply? The adaptation of study programs to be more efficient in their version of distance education. The impact goes hand in hand with professionals who are: experts in the subject they teach, experts in didactics (online, not just face-to-face) and experts in educational technology (with priority online).

Then, a postgraduate degree in Education will provide you with the tools that the current educational world requires of its present and future professionals.

2. Postgraduate in Psychology or Family Therapy

This global pandemic has isolated us from the world, has changed our way of relating and has generated mental havoc in everyone, in some more than in others, but in all. The "Covid stress syndrome" will generate anxious, depressive, germophobic, obsessive and isolationist pictures. We live in an age in which it is never necessary to maintain and recover the psychological and mental health of everyone as before.

Given that the consequences of this long confinement are in the process of being defined and quantified, more than ever mental health specialists are required to support the treatment of post-pandemic mental sequelae, processes lasting months or even years. So the study of a Postgraduate in the area is more than ever in a necessary and growing panorama to generate new strategies and diagnostic methods that help combat what the pandemic left us (it is leaving us and it will leave us).

3. Postgraduate in Marketing

After this prolonged confinement, after a year of it, at least in Mexico, something that consumers experienced was the way we buy, therefore, the way sellers arrive with their products and services to us has changed also.

Marketing then has been revolutionized and accelerated to meet these new needs of a secluded market.

At least in our country, during 2020 and so far in 2021, a good part of Mexicans have bought online for the first time, this growth has implied a transformation and voracious competition to attract buyers.

Marketers are now more than ever necessary in terms of their ability to innovate to sell products and services. And a graduate degree in the area is not only useful, but necessary.

No matter what your initial training was, the constant post-pandemic transformation requires better and more prepared professionals who adapt to this new reality where the digital and the human are the protagonists.

Now you have the reference of the types of postgraduate with which you could raise your level of preparation in fields that will need more specialized professionals.

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