Social impact, service, diversity and reach are some of the terms that perfectly describe the field of psychology.

If you plan to pursue a career that leads to an exciting and meaningful work environment, this health sciences option fits you like a glove.

So that you know the attractiveness of this professional world, below we explain what some of the most interesting jobs that psychologists have are about.

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1. Child psychologist

The possibility of dealing with children and helping them to better cope with life and their development is one of those compelling reasons to study Psychology .

Child psychologists can provide therapeutic services to children who experience difficulties integrating into social life.

Also, they make deep diagnoses to the mental situation of the children if the parents suspect the existence of a disorder.

In turn, they can monitor children in their different stages of development to correct potential threats in time and give them mental and emotional tools to cope with life.

2. Public image advisor

Did you already know this job in the field of Psychology? It is one of the most interesting options in this professional ecosystem.

By knowing the functioning of the human mind and the reaction of the masses to messages, ideas, values ​​and other stimuli, professionals in this area have the ideal profile to advise people with a public image such as politicians, high-level athletes and artists, for example.

In particular, they offer timely guidance on ways to communicate so that personalities project an empathetic image that connects with their audience.

3. Sports psychologist

This is another of the specialties of Psychology that attracts many young people to this academic and professional field.

The sports psychologist deals directly with high-performance athletes to help them cope with the pressure of constant competition and the highest demands.

In addition, it helps them face situations of sports failure and, in general, encourages them to maintain an optimal level of motivation that allows them to give their best in each challenge.

4. Researcher

In the field of social psychology, in a particular way, these professionals work as researchers.

Its function is to carry out studies —based on various methodologies— to identify psychological patterns in society, potential problems, the most vulnerable and mentally affected population groups, and other aspects of interest.

Based on these conclusions and discoveries, wide-ranging social, educational and cultural programs are carried out at the state level.

Also, these investigations can be developed in the private sector, as part of projects of companies, social analysis firms and other organizations.

Cool! You already know what 4 of the jobs in the field of Psychology consist of.

Without a doubt, it is a professional universe in which there are many exciting and far-reaching opportunities that will generate satisfaction and keep your passion alive in every job.

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