Through the ages, architecture has been one of the activities that has helped us improve the places and cities in which we live. As time has passed, this interesting profession has evolved and shows us new ways to create spaces to live and coexist.

If you are one of those who like to know the news in this matter, then you cannot miss 4 of the trends in architecture that 2021 will bring.

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Importance of architecture

This profession has become very important over the years, the first builders were considered the pioneers of urbanism and thanks to all of them architecture has evolved to what we know today.

The architecture allows to create an expression of the human being that remains in time, the constructions can be appreciated as we pass, the times, the trends of each moment, which reflects human culture.

Currently, the population and urban areas have grown exponentially and it is expected that this will continue, so the work of architecture will be of utmost importance to create sustainable spaces and help reduce displacement within cities.

Therefore, one of the main contributions that architecture can offer to modern life is to help the spaces we inhabit to be environmentally friendly and functional so that people's working and daily life is easier.

Architecture trends for 2021

As we already said, sustainability and friendliness with the environment is one of the objectives that architecture has as a goal for the future. So within the 4 trends in architecture that we will present to you, a lot will be said about it.

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1. Smart homes and spaces

Undoubtedly, this element is essential for a project to be sustainable. Although there has been talk of smart cities for some time, there is still a long way to go for this to become a reality around the world.

The goal is that designed homes and spaces are already planned as smart places, so this trend will increase throughout 2021.

2. Open spaces

Another trend that will continue to gain strength are the designs of open spaces, which offer fluidity to the eye and also movement between places.

This concept also allows a better use of spaces, this type of design will not only be occurring in homes, but also in offices.

In terms of sustainability, open spaces offer better lighting inside homes or offices, translating into electrical energy savings.

3. Kitchen as a central element

Something that will continue to be a trend in house design is that the kitchen will be the central element, by making this an open space, instead of one separated from the rest of the house as previously conceptualized, it will now integrate the space of the living room and dining room.

In this way, it will help to improve the spaces of a kitchen and make it much larger, brighter and will give greater fluidity to the house in general.

4. Change in bathroom concept

Now, this place is not only a place where you bathe and more, but will already have an important role, although it is not new, the idea that the bathroom is a space for relaxation will be a trend that will continue in 2021.

To give this place the focus of a space for rest and relaxation, almost like a spa, the materials that will be trends for 2021 are the different bamboo accessories, different styles of wood, natural stones, gray, beige or pastel colors.

Also something that will set the trend are the dim lighting within this space, the decoration with round mirrors and the originality of the sinks and other elements.

These and many more trends will bring 2021, such as greater optimization of resources within homes and offices through saving water, electricity and efficiency in the recovery of waste water that can be reused.

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