The graduate in International Trade is a professional who has an exciting and important job: coordinating and managing the transfer of goods and merchandise between countries, regions and continents.

Do you know what is the best of everything? In addition to working in an interesting and globalized professional environment, he receives a very good income.

Precisely, in this article we want to show you how much a graduate in International Trade earns, and then share a short list of the jobs they usually hold.

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How much does a graduate in International Trade earn?

If we take as a reference estimates from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), the professional sector of International Trade is one of the 5 best paid in the nation.

Professionals in this area have an average salary of $ 13,750 pesos per month. Meanwhile, the median income in Mexico is less than $ 6,700.

Of course, if you opt for this career and excel, you will be able to earn much more. And it is that 25% of the graduates in International Trade perceive more than $ 16,000 of profit per month.

In the case of those who have postgraduate degrees, they have an average salary of more than $ 16,500.

As you can see, becoming a graduate in International Trade can be the step that takes you towards a better lifestyle, which allows you to build a solid heritage.

But, do the jobs and functions that these professionals fulfill adapt to your profile? We'll give you the information you need to answer this question right away!

What job options does the graduate in International Trade have?

There are many functions that a graduate in International Trade can have , due to the broad and comprehensive training he has.

Among the most common and interesting jobs in this professional market are the following:

Import and export advisor

If you choose this task, you will provide consulting and advisory services to third parties who wish to import or export products.

Among other things, you will guide them on the logistical and legal aspects that make these valuable business activities possible in today's world.

Import and export manager

It is a field of performance similar to the previous one, with the difference that it is developed within companies and not as an external advisor.

In other words, this job will allow you to command the import and export activities and processes of the company where you work.

Thus, you will guarantee that the conditions of purchase, transfer and customs management favor it and allow attractive profit margins.

Customs broker

When it comes to jobs for an International Trade graduate, this is a classic.

He is an expert who guarantees that goods and merchandise enter new markets and countries in a transparent manner and complying with all the requirements of the law.

In addition, it is responsible for quickly managing the entry of these goods, so that they are available to the final consumer as soon as possible.

 Head of international logistics

Large companies, which have operations in different countries, hire graduates in International Trade to be in charge of directing their logistics activities in different countries and regions.

Among these logistics actions, which also have a strategic purpose, is the management and selection of suppliers and business partners.

It also includes the handling of batches of merchandise and products in warehouses and collection centers of different nations, as well as the necessary procedures to transfer these goods between nations.

Official in airports and ports

Graduates in International Trade can work for the public sector, and jobs in airports and ports are an example of this.

In these places, experts in this area tend to perform oversight functions, ensuring that companies and individuals comply with legal parameters when importing and exporting welfare.

It is also in charge of supervising claims related to cargo insurance and damage caused to products that pass through airports and posts.

International cargo insurance analyst

Yes, to avoid large losses and protect themselves, companies insure the loads of goods that they move between nations and regions.

Within the insurers, analysts work who can advise companies on the protection plans that best suit their budgets.

They also have the function of analyzing and estimating the costs of the loads, in order to determine the value to be insured.

Of course, these tasks that we have just mentioned can be carried out by a graduate in International Trade.

Market researcher

Few professionals are as capable of rigorous market research as the graduate in International Trade.

By understanding the dynamics of business activity and international negotiations, you can conduct in-depth studies to identify patterns and trends, and obtain interesting statistics.

International Sales Executive

For many companies, international sales are their main source of income.

This is very common in Mexico, since it is a country characterized by great export dynamics and whose main partner is the United States, one of the largest markets in the world.

In order to attract clients in other countries and ensure that commercial transactions are carried out in a satisfactory and agile way, professionals with the knowledge of the degree in International Trade are required.

These experts are able to effectively manage everything from dealing with potential clients to export logistics processes.

And that's it! If you followed us to this point, you already know that the degree in International Trade is a professional who has access to a wide field of work, and who at the same time receives very good income for their work.

These characteristics make this career one of the best university training alternatives today, especially for those who have important financial goals and wish to function in global environments.

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