Choosing a college career is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important that you focus on choosing among those that offer many benefits for you according to your tastes and skills, such as Industrial Engineering.

So that you do not run the risk of making a bad decision, it is necessary that you have a filter to evaluate the list of careers that you will possibly study. Professions such as Industrial Engineering should always be present among your options.

If you are not very clear about the benefits that the Industrial Engineering career offers, do not worry! Precisely, that will be the topic that we will touch on in this article.

With that said, take a look at these 9 benefits that studying Industrial Engineering offers.

1. You will have many job opportunities

When choosing a college career, it is useful to take into account your field of work.

Sometimes landing a dream job is difficult for professionals with little experience. Therefore, you should focus on choosing a career that offers you options as soon as you finish studying at the university.

That need is met very well by the Industrial Engineering career. This is because he handles professional development areas that are indispensable in the business world.

The 2018 Employability Trends study  , prepared by OCC Mundial, reflected that industrial engineers are among the three most requested professionals by Mexican companies.

Do you want to know some areas in which a specialist in Industrial Engineering can work? If your answer is "yes", keep reading!

  I. Quality control

In this area you will apply mechanisms, actions and tools in order to detect errors in the operations of the company where you work.

A Quality Control department can hardly be successful without an industrial engineer. The knowledge of these professionals, aimed at optimizing technical, informational and human resources is very necessary in this area.

  II. Safety and industrial hygiene

A company that wishes to operate in an organized manner must incorporate an Industrial Safety and Hygiene department, preferably led by a professional from the Industrial Engineering career.

An Industrial Safety and Hygiene department is in charge, as its name reflects, of identifying those factors that can affect the safety and hygiene of the work environment.

  III. Control of technological and computer systems

Certain technological and computer systems work in company operations that are only fully understood by specialists in Industrial Engineering.

For that reason, the control of technological and computer systems will be another of the job opportunities that you will find, if you decide to study Industrial Engineering.

 2. Your effort will be well paid

Industrial Engineering, in addition to being a career that has a wide field of work, is characterized by offering very good salaries.

Industrial Engineering professionals make more money than the average person. The average salary of a professional in this area in a multinational company is  25,000  pesos per month.

Industrial Engineering specialists receive a good salary because they generally hold supervisory, coordinating and managerial positions.

Graduating in Industrial Engineering will make you a much more qualified employee than most professionals in the business world and manufacturing.

If you focus on a certain area and achieve, through master's or postgraduate degrees, specializations and courses, a high level of training, much better! That way you will have a quality of life that many dream of having.

3. Industrial Engineering does not run the risk of becoming obsolete

As time goes by, the business world acquires new needs and changes trends.

For that reason, it is important that you focus on not choosing a career that will become obsolete in a few years.

Do not worry! With the Industrial Engineering career that will not happen to you. It is a degree that constantly adapts to the new information and technical systems of the business world.

Of course, after you graduate, you should be careful to acquire knowledge about the latest generation systems and machinery. That way you will be much more qualified.

Currently, professionals must master new technologies to improve their profiles as employees.

4. You will be able to practice Industrial Engineering abroad

Do you want to work outside of Mexico? Have you always dreamed of living in a foreign city? If you dream of working outside of your country for a few years, a career in Industrial Engineering will not stop you!

Many of the technical and information systems that you will study during the Industrial Engineering career are of universal use. In short, you will be qualified to practice the profession in different parts of the world.

In addition, another of the essential points of this degree is to direct and optimize the performance of human resources and for this, techniques that are common in different countries are also applied.

5. You will find many specializations and postgraduates

Completing a demanding university degree, such as Industrial Engineering, means a great achievement, right? However, you can always go a little further.

What if you focus on pursuing a postgraduate or specialization in the next few years? Industrial Engineering will open the doors to many educational offers.

Being a branch of engineering with many fields of action, you will find different specializations and postgraduate degrees that you can take to improve your professional profile.

6. You will be able to run your own business

Another attribute that makes Industrial Engineering a great career is that it will provide you with knowledge that will help you run your own business.

Knowing about human, technical and informational resources is a great advantage that this career will offer you. If your dream is to undertake, this profession is for you!

7. You will contribute to a sustainable economy and a better world

Surely you know that the great problems of pollution and environmental deterioration that the planet lives have been caused to a great extent by the industrial development of the countries, the unbridled and little responsible consumption and the mismanagement of the production and manufacturing companies.

If you consider yourself an environmentalist and committed to the environment, this responsibility of the industrial sector, rather than moving away, may be the trigger that invites you to venture into Industrial Engineering to be able, from within, to influence the improvement of corporate environmental responsibility .

This is because sustainable and responsible industrial production is one of the areas where environmentalists can give more of themselves to future generations. We tell you how: from this branch of engineering advances such as the design and adoption of production techniques that involve less consumption of resources, greater use of materials, development of planet-friendly technologies, etc. can be promoted.

Not in vain do the updated study plans of this career take into account, in updating their subjects , areas such as lean manufacturing, whose principles include the reduction of waste to its minimum expression.

8. You will contribute to the development of Mexico and your region

Although all professions have their weight in the development of a nation, a country with as many millions of inhabitants as ours depends to a great extent on the strength of its industries so that goods and services can reach the entire population.

And who has a basic role in this mission?

You guessed it! Industrial engineers!

The Industrial Engineering career has much to contribute to the country from all points of view: from the primary production sectors such as agriculture or fishing, to the production of wireless digital technologies, passing through an infinity of other industries as dissimilar as the carpentry, transport or musical shows ...

That is why professionals in the area are required in practically all areas of the economy, and can contribute their knowledge and actions where it is necessary to improve production and boost the economy.

9. You will belong to a union with high employment rates

An indisputable advantage of studying Industrial Engineering is its formal employment rate, which is estimated at 96%, which means that joining these professionals practically guarantees entry into the world of work.

This data, however, must be weighed against the percentage of industrial engineers who participate informally in the labor market, which is close to 18.5%. This figure, although not the most encouraging, is much lower than the average informal employment in our country, which stands at more than 50%.

Well! Now that you know the benefits of Industrial Engineering, do not miss the opportunity to study it if you consider it to be one of your passions. Focusing on getting the ideal university to attend it, that should be your next step.

Remember, there are few degrees that have a world of work as broad and well paid as Industrial Engineering. It is one of those professions that will give you many job opportunities with good salaries even if you have little experience.

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