iDope Torrent Search Engine that doesn't track you


iDope Kickass Torrent Search Engine of 2020 is a fully secure privacy simplified torrent search and it does not track you at all. iDope is now full-on action with marvelous features added to the "" site for our dear users who need to download unlimited torrents without facing any sort of disturbance or using any kind of proxy / vpn.



What is idope?

Idope search engine is one of the best meta-search engines available on the internet. It promises not to track any of its user’s activities. Idope was introduced as an alternative to kickass, the world’s largest torrent site at one point. Developers of idope claimed that this new site will be even more popular than kickass.


They claimed so because of its very simple and user-friendly interface. Their homepage consists of one search bar that allows the user to enter the desired torrent file. Idope, then searches through various magnet links available on its server and provides the most relevant magnet link to the user.


The best part about idope is its ability to search anonymously throughout the web without tracking the user. That means no pop-up ads will show up while you surf through this website.


Is iDope safe?

For a torrent site to be safe for browsing, it needs to have an SSL certificate, which iDope does have. By using tools such as SEOQuake and MOZ, you can easily check the credibility of a website by gauging Domain Score (DS) and Trust Score (TS). Based on my research, iDope has a domain score of 18 and a trust score of 34 which is better than most sites out there. Sure, it’s not uncommon for torrent sites to have a DS less than 15 and a TS less than 40. But given that iDope has managed to establish a DS of 18 within 4 years shows that the website will easily surpass 30-40 within the next 3-5 years.



idope is the official app from the torrent search engine of the same name. It lets you quickly find anything you're looking for to download. That said, the app only lets you find torrent files – it DOESN'T let you download them. For that you'll need another app like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

The app has a super simple design. The main tab displays a search box and just below it the most popular searches at the moment. Once you've searched for any element, you can use the filter options to see only movies, video games, books, apps, etc.

idope is an excellent torrent search engine that, as mentioned above, does NOT let you download torrents. Ideally the app should be used alongside a torrent client that supports magnet links.


idope Proxy/Mirror

Urls List


idope proxy 1

idope proxy 2

idope proxy 3 movies (USE VPN) (USE VPN) Mirror (USE VPN)

idope proxy 4

idope proxy 5

idope proxy 6

idope proxy 7


Alternatives of idope:

Apart from idope there are many other torrent search engines or websites that might perform a little better. The Internet is full of websites and search engines, and people like to use the one which provides them the best service, security, and privacy. Some of those sites are: –


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