Often times, a sales process can be downhill simply because we don't have the right knowledge to do it. Therefore, it is important to know how to sell a project successfully and to know what are the basic tools or steps that must be followed to achieve your goal.

In this post we want to teach you about how it influences that you use persuasion well, understand the organizational culture and that you know how to manage yourself politically so that you can carry out an effective sales process.

Let's get started!

1. Work on your credibility

A potential investor, before approving a project, the first thing they take into account and take into consideration is the credibility and trust generated by the person who sells a project.

To look at it with an example: before exposing a project, you have to present a solid foundation, in this case it could be, have an established company .

At least have that formality that allows your potential investor to have a point of credibility to be able to invest in something new and from scratch.

If in your case you already have a company, then it is appropriate to work on those who already know your trajectory, to help you generate a secure history about what you offer.

2. Show the value of your project

In itself, your project must be good, but a premise that must always be there is that your idea is revolutionary , that it will generate positive results and that it is a model that will “change the world”.

Drawing a picture of what the future of things will be like is often difficult; But it is important to be able to establish a connection between the elements that are now tangible and the value that the final result will have.

Salespeople have long relied on stressing that the greatest benefit of investing in a product or project is cost reduction, and this could actually turn out to be negative when it comes to getting approval on future projects.

That is why the most advisable thing is to start applying other sales methods in which a general balance is offered that speaks of realities between investment expenses and the income and added value that the investor will receive.

3. Use appropriate language

If we know how to communicate an idea, we can achieve any goal . To sell a project successfully it is necessary to know the product well, believe in it; but above all speak with conviction and naturalness about it.

It is not necessary to use a very technical or elaborate language, but rather simple and direct, but of quality.

The fundamental thing to be able to sell is to do a quality management and a very valid tool for this is that your speech is in line with the principles and values ​​of your company: seriousness, commitment and quality guarantee.

You could also focus on highlighting important features of your project. For example: talk about the processes that will be applied during the project or the team involved in the work and its strengths.

This is all!

In addition to what is mentioned in the content, a factor that will undoubtedly help you to sell your project is having knowledge regarding Marketing, since this degree will give you all the necessary tools to achieve it.

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