The LinkedIn Profile Strategy


International Students has a special advantage when it comes to searching for a higher paying position in an Australian university. This is because most Australian universities accept the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The card contains information such as personal background, educational background and certification. Having the ISIC card ensures that the applicant has Australian citizenship, which makes them eligible for a higher education in an Australian university. A higher education is important as it advances one's career and opens many doors for advancement and success.

The International Student's LinkedIn Profile Strategy was launched by the Australian Government in 2021. The first phase of the strategy focused on attracting more foreign students to Australia through the participation of the Australian Higher Education Commission (AHEC) in the National Mutual Association (BNMA) program. The second phase focused on attracting more students from International Countries to the University of Sydney (US). The third and current phase of the strategy is focused on increasing the number of International Students at Australian Universities.

The International Students Profile Strategy has achieved remarkable success as enrolments have more than tripled at Australian Universities. However, despite the success of the strategy there are still areas for improvement. To achieve continued success, it is important that all stakeholders including schools, staff and employers continue to work collaboratively towards common goals. In order to achieve these goals, the following measures have been implemented:

Creating a profile's database which contains detailed information about International Students in Australia is an essential component of the strategy. This database will be used to target the various prospective employers who may be potential candidates for admission to the University of Sydney. Schools that participate in the Australian Student Immigration Program (ASIP) are also encouraged to create profiles on their website in order to inform the potential student's about the different programs and study opportunities available to them once they become Australian citizens.

Once all schools have developed their own profile databases they will be linked with one another. The linking of the databases should be done through a professional website development company. This ensures that the database is comprehensive and highly relevant. By creating a profile in one school, the system will know which profile matches an Employer requesting an applicant based on Australian visa status. If a match is found then the system will alert the relevant school.

School staff should be encouraged to complete the profile so as to provide useful information to employers. Once all information has been completed it should be sent to the Australian Human Employer Organization (AHEO). The system will then indicate whether or not the profile meets the requirements set out by the AHEO.

The Australian Human Employer Organization will then access the database and determines if the details that have been submitted to meet their requirements. If they do the school can proceed to the next stage. Once the employer has matched a potential candidate with an appropriate school, they will be provided with further information regarding the profile. Schools will then be asked to submit visa information. If all information has been submitted to the correct employers then the system will proceed to match the candidates with suitable employers. Again if information has been submitted that does not meet the requirements of the AHEO then the system will notify the school that the information does not meet the requirements and that they will need to re-submit the application to obtain approval.

The LinkedIn Profile Strategy was designed to support the growth of the international student community in New Zealand. The system works by enabling employers to quickly identify potential candidates for jobs that require an Australian visa. The profile helps to ease the application process and provides valuable information to both employers and students.

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