Currently there are many careers for women that in past decades were not allowed to study for various reasons.

eye! This does not mean that there are degrees or engineering for men or for women as such; But it is a fact that now it is more common to see women pursue certain careers that in the past would have caused surprise to the rest of society.

In some cases, it was even frowned upon that certain degrees were chosen by women; But thanks to decades of struggle for equity and equality, many of these taboos have been overcome in recent times.

Next we will talk about 5 careers that are in high demand today and in which women represent a large percentage of their enrollment.

1. Right

Unfortunately, more than a century ago women could not participate in a degree as important as this one, which is responsible for addressing and resolving different legal dilemmas.

In Mexico, the first woman to become a lawyer was María Asunción Sandoval, who obtained her professional title in 1898, after 6 years of study.

Currently, women have no problem enrolling in a law degree and, of course, practicing the profession. If you opt for this degree, you will access a labor field that has different alternatives, such as:

  • Legislator.
  • Legal advisor to companies.
  • Litigant.
  • Public official in judicial areas.

In addition, this academic offer will give you the opportunity to become an independent professional as a consultant, public broker and notary.

2. Industrial Engineering

In the past, Industrial Engineering was another one of those male-only academic offerings.

As it is a degree that focuses on the management and supervision of production processes, during the 18th and 19th centuries its graduates had to stay in factories, where it was unthinkable to see a woman.

In the 20th century, especially the 1920s, this began to change. In fact, in 1921  3 women were registered in this university career .

Of course, despite the fact that it is an academic offer open to all people, the male sex still predominates among its students.

According to  statistics  from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), only 22% of the student population in this professional sector are women.

3. Architecture

Planning, designing and managing spaces for the human habitat is a task that women also did not fulfill in the past.

It was not until 1939 that the first Mexican in Architecture graduated: María Luisa Dehesa Farías.

The degree in Architecture has a solid curriculum, which includes subjects such as Architectural Drawing, Social Anthropology, Basic Theory and Design, Building Installations, and Work Programming and Control.

By absorbing knowledge about all these areas, you will be able to excel in the labor field, which is characterized by having various sources of work.

Architects can operate in companies that provide urban design, construction, interior design, building restoration and engineering services.

4. Communication Sciences

Currently, women tend to predominate in careers related to journalism and mass communication.

According to the  IMCO , 57% of the students of these degrees are female.

This means that women play a fundamental role in improving the informational processes of Mexican society.

Perhaps, the societies of the past, especially those before the 19th century, never thought that in the future this office would be carried out by thousands of women in the country.

Many historical accounts and reports consider that the first female journalist in Mexico was Leona Vicario.

According to  diariobasta.com , Vicario did not receive formal training at university; but her important work as an informant and messenger of the independence cause, between 1810 and 1821, made her become a respectable communicator of the time.

After the war ended, this heroine of the independence process continued her career as a journalist and writer until her death in 1842.

Although she did not formally pursue a degree, Vicario had the great merit of establishing herself as a brilliant communicator at a time when only men were recognized as professionals.

5. Public Accounting

The history of Mexican women in Public Accounting, a profession that obtains and verifies financial information from a company, began in 1908.

At that time, as reflected in an  online brochure   from the Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México, María Guerrero became the first woman to receive this professional title.

From that moment on, this alternative became one of the most attractive careers for women, since it is characterized by having a wide labor field and has a fundamental role for business activity.

Without the knowledge of public accountants, companies could not count on organization and financial stability.

Undoubtedly, these professionals, like many others, have been key in the progress of the nation and, above all, in the improvements within the commercial sphere.

And it is that women, like men, can make great contributions to the country and its economy through their professional training.

For this reason, it is important to value the freedom that you now have to choose a university career and enhance your skills and characteristics.

You know! Regardless of your gender, you can pursue the degree of your dreams and accelerate your personal and professional growth!

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