MBA Colleges in Canada without GMAT

 Many students, want to take admission to MBA programs abroad but many questions come into their mind as difficulties; the most important is GMAT. You will be happy to listen that you don’t need to worry regarding this if you want to get admission in abroad MBA programs. because there are several MBA colleges in Canada without GMAT.

Are you a person who feels interested in the immense career prospects provided by an MBA level? Have you got enough work experience and experience under your belt but do not wish to get ready for GMAT? If yes, then you’ve certainly come to the perfect location!

MBA without GMAT in Canada

The entrance standards of the majority of the Canadian schools or universities include GMAT scores, and IELTS/TOEFL scores, and work experience or number of Recommendation (LOR), and Curriculum Vitae (CV) among other things. But in some schools in Canada, there are some MBA programs that don’t require GMAT scores for admission. These applications are executive programs in which you need to have established work experience or MBA programs in which neither GMAT score nor work experience is necessary.

In Canada, the minimum standards for an MBA are some years of work experience with a good GMAT score. But numerous universities have different MBA programs that don’t need GMAT Score. The programs that don’t require GMAT scores are usually executive programs that require a few years of work experience. There are some MBA programs open in Canada that not needs work experience nor GMAT Score.

Eligibility to do MBA in Canada without GMAT

While most universities don’t demand particularly for a valid 12th score, any of them do request for a good GPA from your Bachelor’s studies. So, GPA of 3.00 and above(on a scale of 4) is always a good alternative, and this should also be achieved by an experience of 2 years in a managerial or technical post if the applicant has sustained a four-year graduation program, or a three-year experience in the related field if the candidate has experienced a three-year graduation course.

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If you want to do MBA in Canada then it needs a GMAT score. but all the colleges don’t count GMAT to show the strength of the students and so there are colleges that give admission without GMAT.

The B Schools providing MBA without GMAT can be classified as :

  • Executive MBA Programs
  • Full-Time MBA Programs
  • Online MBA Programs

If the B School is not demanding for GMAT then it would request for the following:

Work Experience:

Work Experience is viewed the most if B School is allowing MBA without GMAT. The Executive MBA requires a work experience that is 8 years or more and some programs even demand managerial level experience.

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Curriculum Vitae:

A CV listing the professional details with the necessary years of experience to complete the program.

Recommendation Letters:

Recommendation Letters are expected from the past employers to know the candidate’s potential by the B-School.

To Study in Canada without GMAT or Work Experience has its value

  • You get into the workforce instantly
  • You get an appreciated degree at a young age
  • You get both theoretical and practical knowledge just like working at the field

Documents Expected to do MBA in Canada without GMAT.

  • Resume
  • Marksheet of 12th and Graduation
  • Letter of Recommendations from previous employers
  • Applicable Work Experience Certificate

Top MBA Colleges in Canada without GMAT

There are other MBA universities that accept your admission without clearing GMAT. Let us Look at a Few of the major universities and colleges where you can have a diverse selection of academic institutions that offer MBA in Canada with no Pursue your master’s degree in Business Administration with no compulsion GMAT and demands some alternative documents or other aggressive test scores.

Lakehead University, Thunderbay, and Orillia: 

Lakehead University, established in Thunder Bay, is a Public Canadian university. It acquires an IELTS score of around 6.5 for those desiring to study a program in Management. Moreover, the university provides plenty of part-time and full-time MBA programs in different specializations of Business Administration and Management that you can decide. The MBA program does not need a GMAT score provided you complete the Business Skills Development Program granted by the Faculty of Business Administration. Candidates need to complete this 6 module program with at least 70 %.

Lazaridis School of Business – Wilfrid Laurier University:

For the master’s degree program in Finance, the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics has rejected the requirement of GMAT scores. It is a part-time weekend program that working professionals can pursue to earn a postgraduate degree in Finance. Wilfrid Laurier University has placed Waterloo and is known for its postgraduate professional programs among the international students.

New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver, British Columbia:

Another major academic institution granting an MBA in Canada without GMAT, the New York Institute of Technology, allows candidates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the UG course, for its management programs. Moreover, the institute has defined that the IELTS score of the candidate must be above 6.5 bands to be qualified for admission. The university gives two kinds of MBA without GMAT, Management MBA, and Finance MBA.

Ivey Business School, Toronto:

In our listing table of universities rendering an MBA in Canada without GMAT, Ivey Business School deserves a special remark as it grants a part-time Executive MBA program for those desiring to study in the country while working. In this 15-month program, you will be asked to attend classes once a month for four back-to-back days. For this program, the school expects applicants to submit a detailed and comprehensive copy of their resume as an option to GMAT scores.

Schulich School of Business, York University:

Schulich School of Business presents an Executive MBA program that does not mandatorily need candidates to qualify for GMAT. It is between those various valuable universities that offer an MBA in Canada without GMAT and considers the applicant’s educational credentials for selecting them qualified for their chosen course. York University is settled in Toronto and is known for its academic and professional courses across the world.

Whitman School of Business, Syracuse University:

Syracuse University gives an online MBA program that can proceed without clearing the GMAT exam. You can study this program from anyplace in the world and, it is created particularly for working professionals who desire to examine more extensive into the world of Business Administration through an MBA degree while delivering on with their prospective jobs.

Thompson Rivers University Business and Economics:

The Thompson Rivers University Business and Economics school is known for its best courses in the area of Business. It extends an MBA program to applicants without GMAT scores. However, students need to prove that they present good computing and quantitative skills through their previous work experiences. Candidates must have a GPA of 3.0 in their UG courses. Both IELTS and TOEFL are trusted as language proficiency tests by the university.


Q1: Can I do MBA without GMAT?

If you have appropriate experience and educational qualifications demanded by a selective University, then you can do an MBA without GMAT. Contact the experts to know more regarding such universities.

Q2: Is GMAT required for MBA in Canada?

Most of the universities in Canada and over the world need GMAT scores to examine the knowledge and efficiency of candidates. However, there are some universities in Canada that do not want GMAT for admissions into an MBA program.

Q3: is it possible to do MBA in Canada without work experience?

Yes, you can do an MBA without work experience if the university you are implementing enables you to do the same.


We expect that this blog gave you sufficient information on proceeding an MBA in Canada without GMAT. If you are still worried about which course and university you should apply for, then you can contact some education experts and, they will assist you to complete the process of getting a proper program and university that follows with your interests and career goals and provides you with the right knowledge and expression into the field of Management.

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